LES performs many various construction and demolition projects ranging from concrete work to installation and the maintenence of soil and ground water treatment systems. We grade sites, construct roads, foundations, parking lots, sidewalks, curb sides and drainge gutters in completing many restoration projects.

LES's project managers are experienced in the construction of a variety of treatment systems and doing repairs and performing maintenance to those systems. Due to being a company that is multi-faceted in all the construction trades, many of our resources are not limited to only environmental construction in which we are often approached to also perform in unrelated construction projects where we exceed the clients' expectations in quality of workmanship in a cost efficent manner.

We offer the following construction services:

  • Treatment systems installation and maintenance
  • Sludge ponds and water treatment pools excavation
  • Liner installation
  • Cap Installation and cell construction
  • Wetland remediation and restoration
  • Concrete excavation and construction
  • Both residential and commercial structural demolition
  • Earthen Dams

    LES personnel have a strong background in having performed in all facets of construction trades, which is directly reflected in our experience of being able to manage and provide our clients with unique construction services

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